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:camera: ARTFUL NUDES: ~ My study of the ARTISTIC NUDES Gallery.
A collaborative project for the ARTIST RELATIONS TEAM to learn
about the artistic value and relevance of all mediums of art.

The Team of Artist Relations Gallery Directors were given the privilege and intriguing
challenge of trading galleries for a week with a Gallery Director from another medium.
:highfive: This was a great idea, that became quite an educational project for all of us!
I was partnered with Helewidis:iconhelewidis: from the ARTISTIC NUDES Gallery. This GD
is a very warm, enthusiastic and collaborative lady that I very much enjoyed sharing
trade secrets with! We discussed photographic tips, the importance of lighting nudes
and the innate beauty of the human form.  Though many would say that Artistic
are a controversial form of photography that borders on the pornographic,
when done well, I must say that I disagree entirely.  Yes, these photographs are
provocative and alluring for their nudity, of course... but are so much more than that.
The photographing of Artistic Nudes can be an inherently beautiful artform with wonder,
respect and true appreciation of the natural beauty of the human form.
The artists that photograph in this way, truly admire the grace, strength and divinely
artistic design of the human body.

I have learned that the most important feature in all types of photography is Lighting.
After all, when photographing nudes, there is nothing to hide. Lighting can show
the flaws or flawlessness of a photograph.  Indoor lighting is easier to control, but
natural lighting has such an incredible effect on a photograph. When done well,
the right lighting can make the photo itself!  When looking through the features
below, please pay particular attention to the brilliant use of lighting and shadows.
It makes each photograph intriguing, well conveyed and truly artistic.

Location is another decision that photographers must take in to account.
Again, if using indoor lighting, a closely controlled set is best. For outdoor
locations, many use what one finds in nature to enhance the natural mood
of the photograph. But, other times the artist wants unconventional places
and props to enhance a conceptual idea that they have in mind.

The Emotion or Concept of an artistic nude is also of vital importance.
What is the model feeling? …or doing?... and why?  Is the photographic message that
the subject is wrapped only in their own skin and emotion?  Or is it a conceptual idea
about nudity itself?... about vulnerability… human sexuality?... or inner strength and
confidence? When viewing an artistic nude, what does it make you think or feel...
besides the initial awareness of nudity? What does it make you feel about
your own body... or body image?

Positioning of the model is another important factor.  Whether showing a classic pose
or an unusual one that focuses on the lines or movement of the body, positioning and
composition in an artistic nude photograph, will draw the eye to the focal point of the
photographers vision of the model. The focal point is where your eye is drawn to first.
It is what you look at in order to understand the focus of what the artist is trying to convey.

With the importance of Lighting, Location, Emotion/Concept and Positioning, each
of the inspiring Artworks below have something spectacular to draw the eye to one
of the most intriguing, captivatingly graceful and aesthetic sights in the natural world:
The Human Body.

:camera: A Collection of many of My Personal Faves :camera:

Being a novice to this artform, all I could really do is choose the features that I
find personally inspiring. I do have a tendency to like the more subtle, romantic
and emotional pieces in the AN Gallery. But this is simply my taste. :nod:
I found many of these when they were featured as Daily Deviations, as well. :+fav:
So, these choices are from my favorite AN photographers. I hope you like them.
The Artistic Nudes gallery does have a lot of different points of view… so, you may
like others that are very different from these. Feel free to browse through the gallery
and see through your own eyes, what it has to offer! :gallery:
(And be sure to check out the Daily Deviation features
that Helewidis showcases for the entire community!)

:thumb55199356::thumb26557730:Rosary by alicedepalmapain by vidi
- flexible girl - by SaschaHuettenhainno title by ABrito- striped - by SaschaHuettenhain- our purity - by SaschaHuettenhain
- relaxing for a while - by SaschaHuettenhain- goddess of flexibility II - by SaschaHuettenhainLaunch by Transposure- O - by SaschaHuettenhain
:thumb67522161:James 14 - Untitled. by mckenzie:thumb62835165:- into the light - by SaschaHuettenhain
:thumb57414946:Kayja 5 by fb101Darkness flower by fb101Finding balance by anyutik69
:thumb42314833:Support by photoportNATION by GesellDialogos by roge-photo
:thumb43193907::thumb32905283::thumb51421510:Angel. by photoport
- body and form III - by SaschaHuettenhain- painted beatuy - by SaschaHuettenhainImitation by onelookPatrick and Ana - couple pose2 by josemanchado
:thumb51972557:mother nature by ABritoImminent Intensity by Transposure
Flight in Dream by YuriBonder:thumb54190669::thumb29920030:more by MatthewCooke
Harmony by TransposureYolanda tribute 2 Ezra 1 by josemanchado:thumb20796772:Just a clown by Muse1908
:thumb48980407:Somewhere by gerhardt:thumb44227402::thumb10652212:
Zinn - Emotive figure study by silverystars:thumb13121929:c u r v e by TomiU- dark corridor II - by SaschaHuettenhain
Ashley 03 by sim4nee:thumb16147379:lilian by bubble-gum-heart
Autumn Afternoon by rjcarrollAlices'mirror by photoportHomage to Klimt by Neovolatile:thumb53858616::thumb54323381:
The Gargoyle by mjranumSelf-discovery by photoportpeep show by andrewfphoto:thumb35844427:The Vase by mjranum
:thumb33710316:Water and Light 1 by darkelf6369 by AmeliaPhotographyzenital light by ABritoPedro VI by josemanchado
:thumb64033524:Black body by Pixelles:thumb40158858::thumb52962475::thumb54823595:
Light Above version 2 by Utilikiltarian:thumb69772576::thumb64856730::thumb69616487::thumb70149275:

:camera: Links to Photographic Tips and AN Articles :camera:

Lighting: Live Tutorial by PhotographyChannelLive tutorial log: Composition by PhotographyChannelDepth of Field: Live Tutorial by PhotographyChannel by :iconphotographychannel:
Choosing a camera for portrait by jsmonzani by :iconjsmonzani: amateur lighting tutorial by Elektrische by :iconelektrische:

:bulletred: LINK To:  The Fine Art Nude Network's ~ List of AN Articles…

:thanks: In closing I would like to thank the heads of the AR TEAM for encouraging all
of us to take the opportunity to learn about another art medium. I learned a lot
and had fun stepping out of my box! :thumbsup: And THANK YOU, Helewidis
for your insight and assistance in this fun and instructional endeavor! :love:

I hope you all enjoyed this Article and its Features,
I had a great time putting it together! :blowkiss:

:heart: With love and respect, :rose: Sophquest
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Tempest116 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful collection. I have alot of those photos in my favorites already. :)
vahid-naziri Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008
Beautiful collection. Thank you. :hug:
Helewidis Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2008   Photographer
nicely done!!! :thumbsup:
zoroastre Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008   Photographer
good choice and taste, bravo, but I think the male-female nudes "parity" is not really respected here ;)
pepesk8 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008
Amazing selection
EqueChris Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008   Photographer
The interesting text. The naked body really especial genre of a photo. It is necessary to know and be able to get it. An excellent selection of favs .
synconi Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008   Artisan Crafter
Fantastic! :thumbsup: A pity I'm underage, though. ;) This gallery swap sounds like it was very educational and interesting for all of you! :aww: :heart:
TheFightingGoddess Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Simply amazing selection! :+favlove: :clap: :w00t: :heart:
shell4art Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Professional Photographer
Great features. I saw many of my faves and found some new ones. Well written and presented.
Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008
Ann-McLaren Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Great features..
babymik Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008
AnnaKirsten Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008   General Artist
What a well written and beautifully featuring article this is! Sophie, I agree with you entirely. I particularly like Dialogos!
IreneLangholm Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
You were the luckiest one. :giggle:
esintu Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
such amazing features.. thanks for sharing them! :)
sci-clone Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great choices indeed :D ... especially tat one [link] :D .

I like it a lot!

Have a nice day all :w00t: !

C U ;)
Kabuchan Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very beautiful photos and a wonderful article ... Thank you ... :)
KariAnnLax Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Professional General Artist
Really enjoyable read. This is also one of my favorite galleries and you've done a great job together on this!

LawrenceDeDark Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008
none4ROMiR Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Great choices for the faves! Really visualized the tips defined:D
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